Corporate Profile

Energisa group coverage area

Energisa Group completed 115 years of history on February 26, 2020 is the fifth largest energy distribution group in Brazil in terms of energy distribution. In our segment we serve approximately 7.8 million consumers in eleven Brazilian states (following the acquisitions of Ceron and Eletroacre) – equal to 10% of Brazil’s population.

The Company currently controls 11 distribution companies located in the states of Minas Gerais, Sergipe, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins, São Paulo, Paraná, Acre and Rondônia, with a concession area embracing 2,034 thousand Km2, equal to 24% of Brazil’s landmass (Source: IBGE, July 2018).

Energisa Group’s activities includes energy transmission assets (resulting from the acquisition of two lots of Transmission Auction 5/2016, held on 4/24/2017 and a lot at Transmission Auction 002/2018 acquired on 6/28/2018 and a lot at Transmission Auction 004/2018 acquired on 12/20/2018). In addition to grid services, the group operates in energy trading, provides various services related to construction, operation and maintenance of electric assets, carries out energy generation studies, and other activities related to the electric sector.

Empresa Municipalities Served Consumers
Concession Area Population Density Captive + Free Km 
DT Network
LT Network
# SE's
EMG 66 460 15.835 29,0 384,8 25.453 1.113 48
ENF 1 109 935   117,0 82,2 2.028 19 5
ESE 63 788 17.493 45,1 749,2 26.894 1.350 33
EBO 6 220 1.975 111,2 169,9 5.812 45 8
EPB 216 1.439 54.087 26,6 1.156,2 75.685 2.290 64
ERO 52 645 237.765 2,7 838,0 62.635 907 56
EAC 22 264 164.124 1,6 282,0 21.995 444 14
EMT 141 1.448 903.207 1,6 2.412,8 196.490 6.578 164
EMS 74 1.039 328.338 3,2 1.492,7 99.525 3.889 103
ETO 139 600 277.720 2,2 610,6 97.984 2.815 103
ESS 82 800 32.405 24,7 1.163,1 31.971 444 94

CD = Circuito Duplo

Empresa Lot Auction
Geographic Reach Investment
(R$ milion)
Annual Permitted Revenue
(R$ milion)
Início da operação
EGO 03 005/2016 136 km (CD) 312 39 ago/21
EPA 26 e 19 005/2016 e 002/2018 296 km (CD) e 139 km (CD) 348 e 485 49 e 34 fev/22 e mar/23
ETT 04 004/2018 772 km 699 63 mar/24

Note: Consumers (captive and free) December/2019 | Consumption December/2019.
Distribution companies acquired in the privatization auction which took place on August 30, 2018.
DT = Distribution lines
LT = Transmission lines (at 69 and 138 kv)
SE = Substations
CD = Double Circuit

Get to know the Company’s Mission, Vision and Values

​​​The history of the Group began in 1905 with the foundation of Companhia Força e Luz Cataguazes-Leopoldina in Cataguases, Minas Gerais. In its more than 110 years of operations, it has maintained a permanent focus on taking electricity and progress to millions of people.


Energisa Group exists to transform energy into comfort, development and new sustainable possibilities, offering innovative energy solutions to its clients, aggregating value for its stockholders and offering opportunities to its collaborators.


By 2020 Energisa will be one of the best and most respected power companies in Brazil, engaged in the distribution, transmission, generation and trading of energy and related services, acknowledged for the quality of its client services, operational efficiency and shareholder returns.


INNOVATION :: T​o make a difference

We encourage creativity that generates value, be it in the production of something completely new or possible improvements to an existing product. Responsible observation, experimentation and curiosity all form part of the proactive approach that sets us apart.

COMMITMENT :: To the present-day and the future

We act as responsible citizens, striving to generate wealth and prioritizing respect for our collaborators, investors, suppliers and clients. Most importantly, we are part of a community and are committed to future generations. As such, it is essential that we foster an ethical attitude and value the truth above all else.

CLIENTS :: Simplify the lives of our clients

We always treat our clients with dedication and respect in an effort to build an attentive and long-lasting relationship with them. We put ourselves in their shoes to provide rapid and definitive solutions that simplify their lives and generate value for those that use them.

PEOPLE :: Our energy comes from people

We are part of a winning team that enables us to achieve, learn and win together. The opportunities here depend principally on the merits and dedication of each member of that team. We place a high value on transparency, teamwork and open and participative dialogue. If you think the same way, you are one of us and we want you to be happy here.

RESULTS :: Overcoming challenges to achieve results

We seek to achieve extraordinary results that generate value for our clients and stockholders. We seek to exceed our targets in order to ensure that Energisa stands among the best in its sector in terms of efficiency and customer service.

SAFETY:: Our top priority

Our greatest asset is life itself. As such, we place health and safety above all else in our processes and attitudes. We adopt a disciplined mindset, invest in preventative measures and promote constant awareness amongst all our personnel to reduce risks.