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Quality of the services

The satisfaction surveys conducted by the Innovare Institute with the coordination of the Abradee (Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributers) show the privileged position of the satisfaction indicators with residential consumers of Energisa distributors.


(1) Companies acquired in April 2014. (2) On june 30,2017, Energisa South Soythest (New company name for Caiuá Distribuidora de Energia S/A) incorporated the following distribution companies: CNEE, EDEVP, EEB and CFLO.
Company- ​2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Benchmarking - Up to 500,000 customers ​95.5 93.6 93.1 93.7 89.5
​Nacional (CNEE) (2) 95.5​ 92.2 79.1 81.4 -
​Bragantina (EEB) (2) ​94.4 77.9 76.3 76.5 -
​Vale Paranapanema (EDEVP)(2) 91.2​ 91.0 85.2 90.6 -
​Energisa Minas Gerais (EMG) 89.0​ 83.4 84.0 81.2 86.6
​Força e Luz do Oeste (CFLO) (2) ​88.7 84.7 85.0 90.1 -
​Energisa Borborema (EBO) 87.4​ 86.6 85.5 83.3 82.0
​Caiuá (2) 77.6​ 83.7 75.3 75.9 -
​Energisa Nova Friburgo (ENF) 76.6​ 72.3 73.4 83.5 82.0
​​Benchmarking - Above to 500,000 customers 89.3​ 88.6 88.8 90.3 87.1
Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul (EMS) (1) 87.2 77.9 72.1 82.6 78.5
​Energisa Paraíba (EPB) ​87.1 77.2 76.7 83.8 81.2
​Energisa Mato Grosso (EMT) (1) 84.9​ 81.4 78.9 77.7 75.6
Energisa Sul-Sudeste (ESS)(2) - - - 82.9 85.6
​Energisa Sergipe (ESE) 84.1​ 84.8 82.9 85.6 80.8
​Energisa Tocantins (ETO) (1) 83.5​ 86.6 84.2 76.6 76.0
ABRADEE Average ​78.9 77.3 74.4 76.8 76.0

In 2018, in the 20th edition of the Abradee awards, the Energisa Group repeated the great success of 2017. The distribution companies Energisa Minas Gerais, Nova Friburgo and Borborema are the best in Brazil in the category of companies with up to 500 thousand customers. The Energisa Group companies prevailed in the National category of the Abradee awards, delivered on Thursday (19), in Brasília. Energisa Borborema, which operates in Paraíba, also prevailed in the category Operational Management. Amongst the concession operators with more than 500 thousand consumers, Energisa Sul-Sudeste was considered the "best national company" and also best in the "Operational Management" category. Energisa Paraíba was recognized in the categories North-east region and Economic and Financial Management, with Energisa Mato Grosso prevailing in the North / Midwest Region.

The awards are given annually by the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors to the best companies in the sector. For the classification in the ranking, Abradee evaluates matters related to customer satisfaction, operational management, quality and responsibility of the companies. Each company competed in at least one category, totaling 21 nominations. Of the 15 categories, the Group’s distribution companies appeared in 11.

To reach the award winners, Abradee interviewed consumers between March and April this year. five quality issues were surveyed: energy supply; consumer information and communications; electricity bills; customer services and distribution company image. Each area comprises a set of attributes and generates the Perceived Quality Satisfaction Index (ISQP), the main metric used in the awards.

The Abradee Awards have been awarded since 1999 and elects the best distribution companies in the categories: National and regional awards, management quality, customer evaluation, operational and economic-financial management, best performance improvement and corporate social responsibility. The satisfaction survey is one of the factors taken into account by the awards.

Energisa Group has won ten more awards in the 19th edition of the Abradee awards. Energisa Paraíba has received the 2017 Abradee Award for best electricity distribution company in Brazil. In addition, three other companies of Energisa Group - Energisa Sergipe, Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul and Energisa Borborema - are amongst the winners of the 19th edition of the Awards, the most prestigious in the sector. In total, the Group’s four companies received ten awards in eight categories, with Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul also receiving the award for Best Company in the North/Midwest. Energisa Group received the highest score amongst competitors in the customer satisfaction index.

Energisa Group has won three more awards in the 18th edition of the Abradee awards. Energisa Borborema was considered the "best national company" with up to 500 thousand consumers, also prevailing in the category "Operational Management". Energisa Tocantins has been elected "best company in the North/Central Western region" with more than 500 thousand consumers for the second time. The awards ceremony took place on June 22, in Brasília. 49 distribution companies disputed the 2016 addition of the Abradee Awards, which evaluated customer satisfaction, operational management, economic and financial management, performance improvement and social responsibility. The companies also disputed regional and national awards.

The consolidated result of Energisa‘s 13 distribution companies in the ranking of corporate groups in the electric sector shows that Energisa Group is best in the issues Energy Supply and Image in Brazil in the opinion of residential consumers. Energisa Group came second in the Perceived Quality Satisfaction Index (ISQP) with approval of 78.9%. Energisa Group has performed better than the Abradee average in the five indices comprising the ISQP (supply, communication and information, image, electricity bill and customer service) and other important indicators, such as social responsibility and public lighting.

In 2015 Energisa Group has again shown it is amongst the best companies in Brazil‘s electric sector. This was confirmed in July 15 in Brasília, with the victory of the distribution companies Energisa Nacional, Energisa Paraíba and Energisa Tocantins in the Abradee 2015 awards. The Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee) gave the companies awards in three categories. In the category distribution companies with up to 500,000 consumers, Nacional came first in social responsibility. In the group of companies with over 500,000 consumers, Energisa Tocantins took the award for Best Distribution Company in the Northeast/Central and Western Region for the first time. Energisa Paraíba prevailed in Operational Management, in a technical draw with the company Elektro.

Energisa Paraíba, Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul and Nacional (Catanduva/São Paulo) were the companies of Energisa Group that won the 2014 Abradee award - Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors. The announcement was made yesterday, July 17, at the event in Brasília. For distribution companies with up to 500 thousand consumers, Nacional prevailed in three of the four categories evaluated: Social Responsibility, Customer Assessment, and Best Distribution Company in Brazil of its size. Amongst companies with over 500 thousand consumers, Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul was rated as the Best Distribution Company of the North/Central and Western regions; Energisa Paraíba won the award in the category Improvement in Performance and was considered the Best Distributor in the Northeast Region.

​​Energisa Paraíba has won awards in three categories of the ABRADEE 2013 (Brazilian Electric Utility Association) awards, one of the foremost national accolades in the industry. The awards were for Management Quality, Economic and Financial Management and Performance Improvement. Energisa competed for the awards with companies servicing over 500 thousand customers and the winners were announced in July 16, in Brasilia. The company has also been well placed in other national rankings and surveys, such as the ones published by the Brazilian electric utility regulator, ANEEL, in March this year. Energisa Paraíba ranked third highest nationally for improvement in quality of service, and second in the Northeast.

The company also won the National Quality Award - the highest recognition attainable by locally based organizations for excellence in management - in 2012. This is the first time a company based in the State of Paraíba has won this award.

Aneel Consumer Satisfaction Index (IASC)

The Aneel Consumer Satisfaction Index (IASC) is based on research with residential consumers which Aneel (National Electricity Agency) conducts annually to evaluate the satisfaction level with the services rendered by the 63 electricity distributers in Brazil.


(1) Companies acquired in April 2014.
Company 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
EMG 68.00 75.02 70.12 58.86 71.18
ENF 52.91 65.80 56.31 73.12 57.97
ESE 69.56 58.84 58.81 68.48 63.64
EBO 69.53 64.77 63.87 78.70 65.85
EPB 60.31 72.73 63.08 76.75 67.62
EMT (1) 61.83 68.29 44.80 52.87 55.67
EMS (1) 65.30 68.50 50.29 66.85 64.44
ETO (1) 60.70 58.75 47.96 59.18 45.15
ESS (2) - - - - 68.98
Caiuá (1) 58.62 64.21 56.25 71.34 -
EDEVP (1) 61.12 84.13 56.97 72.40 -
EEB (1) 62.43 80.69 61.29 68.60 -
CNEE (1) 63.61 67.17 65.91 72.08 -
CFLO (1) 58.23 78.22 63.21 78.15 -
Média ANEEL 60.41 67.74 57.03 64.86 63.16

Group Companies amongst the best of Brazil

The priority given to investments in quality in the last three years has enabled important gains in the quality indicators of Energisa Group‘s distribution companies.

All of the Group’s distribution companies saw their FEC diminish in 2017 remaining below the regulatory limits. The best DEC performances were reported by the distribution companies in the south-east and north-east, whose results fall below the regulatory limit. 

The climate in the concession areas of the distribution companies in the Midwest and North was highly challenging in 2017 compared with 2016. According to the National Institute of Spatial Research – INPE, in Mato Grosso do Sul state, the rate of lightning strikes was 65% higher in 2017 than in 2016. Despite this, EMS still closed the year within the regulatory target.

In Mato Grosso, lightning strikes in 2017 were 42% higher than in 2016. Higher than average, strong winds and heavy rainfall also impaired further DEC improvements at EMT, especially in the months of October and November.  However, additional measures in progress since mid-2017 saw the metric improve in the last month of the year.

The state of Tocantins experienced a similar climatic situation, seeing lightning strikes rise by 173% in 2017. Most of the strikes occurred in November and December, months when rates were 263% and 277% higher than in 2016, respectively. However, the delivery of the quality recovery plan at ETO, which involved increasing the number of teams and investing in grids, was a resounding success, leading to a reduction of 4.26 hours in the concession’s DEC in the year and pushing the company close to the regulatory limit (under 1 hour).         

Also note that in 2015 the companies EMG, ENF and ESS renewed their concession agreements, meeting the minimum quality standards required in the new agreement for the second consecutive year.

The quality indicators performed as followed in 2017:

Distribution companies DEC (hours) FEC (times) DEC limit FEC limit
  dec/17 dec/16 Change (%) dec/17 dec/16 Change (%) dec/17 dec/17
EMG 8.44 10.35 - 18.5 5.05 7.16 - 29.5 11.52 9.36
ENF 5.78 7.25 - 20.3 3.82 7.42 - 48.5 11.12 9.84
ESE 12.09 12.27 - 1.5 6.99 7.21 - 3.1 12,80 9.30
EBO 4.03 4.94 - 18.5 2.46 3.22 - 23.5 13.13 9.91
EPB 14.60 16.44 - 11.2 6.30 6.81 - 7.5 17.62 11.16
EMT 25.35 23.57 + 7.6 12.49 14.27 - 12.5 23.94 19.85
EMS 11.92 11.81 + 0.9 5.72 5.93 - 3.5 12.26 9.22
ETO 27.98 32.24 - 13.2 12.72 14.47 - 12.1 27.19 19.33
ESS 6.60 7.91 - 16.6 4.97 6.54 - 23.9 8.55 8.77
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