Energisa is the best in service quality in the country

Energisa Group has once again come out on top in the ranking of the best distribution companies with top-quality performance in its energy distribution services in Brazil.

Energisa Minas Gerais is number 1 in the country in the category of companies with more than 400,000 clients, having risen eight places to come out on top. Another company of the Group - Energisa Borborema - has also taken first place amongst the small distribution companies (consumer units of less than or equal to 400,000).

The Group has another three companies in the top ten positions: in the category for companies with more than 400,000 clients, Energisa Paraíba was placed 3rd, and Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul 9th. Meanwhile, in the small distribution company category, Energisa Nova Friburgo received the plaudits, coming 5th. Energisa Tocantins was placed 11th, but is amongst the distribution companies that have most advanced, jumping eight places in comparison to its 2016 position.

The 2017 Service Continuity ranking, announced last Thursday, March 14, by the National Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL), is an instrument that encourages the concession operators to strive to continuously improve the quality of services provided. To establish the ranking, ANEEL evaluated all the concession operators in the country on their performance between January and December 2017, dividing them into two groups: There are 33 large concession operators, supplying more than 400,000 consumer units; and 25 small concession operators, supplying a number of consumer units less than or equal to 400,000. The classification is compiled using the Global Continuity Performance (DGC) indicator. This measures the quality of the supply from the companies by making a comparison of the amounts verified and the annual limits of the DEC (equivalent outage duration) and FEC (equivalent outage frequency) quality indicators.

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