Energisa Sul-Sudeste (ESS) wins IASC 2017 Award

Energisa Sul-Sudeste (ESS) was presented with the IASC 2017 award in the Southeast 400,000+ customer category in a ceremony held February 1 at the headquarters building of Brazil’s power sector regulator, Aneel, in Brasilia. The awards reflect the results of surveys among consumers in each company’s service area. Other Energisa Group companies were also among the finalists: Energisa Paraíba, in the Northeast category; Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul, in the Midwest 30,000+ consumer unit category; and Energisa Minas Gerais, in the Highest Growth category.
This is Energisa Sul-Sudeste’s first participation in the IASC awards after joining the Southeast 400,000+ customer group in July 2017. The award denotes high customer satisfaction with the level of service provided by Energisa Sul-Sudeste.
“This award is a source of pride and shows we are on the right track, delivering high quality electricity and meeting the service expectations of our 763,000 customers in all 82 cities in our concession area. So we’re very pleased to have won the award. But it also creates a greater sense of responsibility as it is recognition expressed by our customers. It is an accolade that symbolizes the immense dedication of a workforce that takes pride in working daily to deliver high-quality service. It is they who have helped us make a positive impression in the hearts and minds of our customers in the Southeast. And that is our commitment: to work continuously to improve the quality of service we provide. I would like to extend our grateful thanks to all our customers and to the Energisa Sul-Sudeste team,” said CEO Gabriel Pereira.

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