EMT's OPA auction

Energisa Mato Grosso completed its public share offering (OPA) at B3 in São Paulo on January 16. The holders of 12,043,631 common shares and 39,458,673 preferred shares accepted the offering at the end of the auction. The financial settlement took place on January 19 and led to a disbursement of R$ 442.9 million for Energisa S.A.

After the operation, Energisa now holds 90.8% (66.1% beforehand) of Rede Energia's total share capital in conjunction with Rede Energia, with 9.21% of the capital held by other shareholders.

Pursuant to the public share offering notice, Energisa may acquire the remainder of the shares available in the market. The value will be the same as the initial offering, R$ 8.60 per share, restated by the Selic base interest rate. Any shareholder who wishes to exercise the subsequent sale right may do so on or before April 16 by submitting an application to Banco Itaú S.A., the EMT share registrar, or selling them directly in the B3 electronic trading system.

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