Energy consumption rises 5.2% in December and Energisa Group closes 2017 with growth of 3.7%

After remaining stable in 2015 and contracting in 2016, electricity consumption in Energisa Group's free and captive segments rose by 3.7% in 2017. The consumed volume (29,604.9 GWh) was a historic record, signaling a gradual recovery in the energy sector. If uninvoiced sales are included, the volume changes to 29,620.4 GWh (+4.0%). The fourth quarter was extremely important for this result, primarily due to the small comparison base due to the mild weather in certain concession areas at the end of 2016.

In terms of sales by distribution company, we draw your attention to the performance of EMT (+6.6%) and EMS (+5.4%), which jointly account for 45.8% of Energisa’s total sales. EMT accumulated positive variations in all consumption sectors and presented growth in most months of the year, except February and April. EMS also experienced growth in all months, with the only contraction being in April. The only distribution company that experienced a consumption decrease in 2017 was ESE (-1.3%), driven by heavy rainfall and lower consumption by companies in the cement and oil and gas sectors.

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