Energisa announces Public Offer for Acquisition of EMT Minority Shares

According to a Material Fact published on December 8, 2017, Energisa S.A. announces the Public Offering of Mato Grosso Energy Shares (EMT). Energisa is able to acquire up to 71,104,446, accounting for 33.40% (thirty-three point four percent) of the Company’s total share capital, at a price of R$8.60 per share. The acquisition of up to the total number of shares outstanding by EMT will imply the maximum ammount of R$611.5 million, which will be financed by own funds and / or structuring operations with financial institutions.

See below a rough schedule of the stages of the Offering, including its milestones:

Estimated Date



Company Board of Directors' meeting approving the Offering
Publication of Company Announcement for the Offering
Publication of Offering Notice
Publication of Offering Appraisal


Publication of Company Announcement and Offering Notice in the newspapers "Gazeta de Cuiabá" and "Diário de Notícias"


Holding of auction at B3


Settlement of bids made at the Auction


End of period for exercising the subsequent sale right

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