Energisa completes 110 years and changes name of companies acquired last year

On February 26 Energisa completed 110 years as one of the largest private groups in the Brazilian electricity sector, operating in 788 municipalities in all regions of the country. It comprises 13 electricity distribution companies, serving more than 6.2 million consumers and a population of approximately 16 million people. With a trajectory marked by efficiency and sustainable growth, which placed the Group‘s distribution companies amongst the best in their operating areas, Energisa is the oldest company operating in Brazil‘s electricity distribution sector, under the same share control since its foundation in 1905.

The eight electricity concession operators that used to belong to Rede Group and which were acquired last year by Energisa have had their names changed, in a process of bolstering and consolidating Energisa across Brazil. Like the Company‘s five other concession operators, the companies are now using the Energisa brand name in their respective states: Energisa Mato Grosso (ex-Cemat); Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul (ex-Enersul) and Energisa Tocantins (ex-Celtins). The other companies that operate in São Paulo (Caiuá, Bragantina, Vale Paranapanema and Nacional) and Paraná (Companhia Força e Luz do Oeste) will also take on the Energisa name.

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