Subsidiary Cemat redeems debentures

Based on the financial restructuring plan and in order to improve its leverage and debt profile, on September 12 the subsidiary Centrais Elétricas Matogrossenses S/A (CEMAT) early redeemed all of the 150 (one hundred and fifty) debentures issued in the 2nd issuance of simple, non-convertible, secured debentures in thirteen series, referring to series 2 to 13 (IPCA series), with the debentures of the 1st series in CDI remaining in circulation. The unit price paid for each redeemed debenture was equal to the nominal unit value plus restatement of the debentures of the IPCA series, the remuneration calculated on a pro rata temporis basis since the last remuneration payment until the early redemption date pursuant to item 4.9 of the issuance deed and the redemption premium, equal to 2.63% of the redemption amount, thereby amounting to R$ 102.2 million.

​When added to the debentures already redeemed of the 3rd and 4th issuances of CEMAT on August 25, the amount redeemed totals R$ 210.1 million

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