Energisa Units now comprise the MLCX (MidLarge Cap) theoretical portfolio from September. This portfolio consists of shares and units that meet the criteria important and tradable assets in the Brazilian stock market, such as: i) comprising the assets which in decreasing order account for 85% of the market value of all companies listed on the B3 spot market (Brasil, Bolsa Balcão); ii) to be amongst the eligible assets which in the period the 3 (three) former portfolios were in force, in decreasing order of the Tradable Index (IN), jointly account for 99% of the sum total of the indexes; and iii) be present in 95% of the trading sessions in the period the 3 (three) former portfolios were in force.

Like other stock exchange indexes, this index is reviewed every four months. Following this inclusion, Energisa’s Units now comprise the portfolios of eight B3 indexes: IBrX-100, IEE, ITAG, IBRA, IGCT, IGCX, UTIL and MLCX. This improvement denotes the improved liquidity of the Company’s shares in the last two years, especially after the re-IPO conducted in July 2016.