Consolidated free and captive electricity consumption (3,004.3 GWh) in Energisa Group’s concessions shrank in February 2021 by 3.7% on the same month last year. This performance is directly related to the economic slowdown following the ramping up of pandemic restrictions.

Rural consumption rose by 0.4% (1.1 GWh), driven by results in the concession areas of EPB + 13.9% (3.9 GWh), which arose as a result of the low volume of rainfall (triggering greater use of irrigation systems); ETO + 10.2% (1.9 GWh), driven by rice and egg production; EMG + 6.7% (1.0 GWh) and ENF + 23.1 (0.1 GWh), resulting from the smaller comparison basis in Feb/20, due to the higher volume of rainfall, which disrupted local agriculture.

The commercial sector contracted by 13.8% (87.9 GWh), influenced by the calendar effect and restrictions. Elsewhere, the residential sector contracted by 2.7% (31.9 GWh) given the larger basis in Feb/20 (above-average growth) and the combination of warmer weather with a shorter billing calendar in the period. This sector reported lower consumption across five DisCos:  EMS – 12.4% (23.9 GWh), ERO – 8.9% (10.2 GWh), EMT -3.4% (9.2 GWh), ESE -1.3% (1.3 GWh) and EAC -1.7% (0.8 GWh). Contrastingly, consumption rose in the concessions of EPB (+4.4% or 7.1 GWh) and ESS (+0.5% or 0.7 GWh), propelled by warmer temperatures and dryer weather, EMG (+6.8% or 3.2 GWh) and ENF (+3.4% or 0.5 GWh), both due to the smaller base in Feb/20, ETO (+1.9% 1.6 GWh) and EBO (+1.8% 0.4 GWh).

Industrial consumption also contracted 1.0% (6.0 GWh). ESE bore the brunt of the decrease (-17.7% or 7.5 GWh), chiefly impacted by the natural gas and concrete industries; followed by ESS (-2.9% or 3.3 GWh), affected by the downturn in the automotive sector, which has been hit hard by the pandemic; EPB (-4.3% or 2.8 GWh), mainly because of the mining industry, which has been diminishing consumption since 2020; ERO (-6.8% or 2.7 GWh) and EAC (-6.9% or 0.2 GWh), primarily affected by the food sector. Moreover, higher industrial consumption was reported by EMT (+2.4% or 3.8 GWh), driven by nonmetallic minerals; EMS (+3.1% 3.3 GWh), mainly due to the metalworking sector; and EMG (+8.6% or 2.7), due to the mining sector.

Energisa Group’s captive and free electricity consumption (6,046.4 GWh) fell 1.6% in the first two months of 2021 in relation to the same period last year. In comparison with the first two months of the previous year, 8 of its 11 DisCos experienced lower consumption. This performance was sustained by the commercial performance of the DisCos, the segment hit hardest by social isolation restrictions.

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