Consolidated free and captive electricity consumption (3,240.2 GWh) in Energisa Group’s concessions rose by 3.4% compared with the same period last year. This growth was primarily driven by warmer and drier weather and higher demand for food products, which helped drive consumption in the residential, rural and industrial sectors.

Residential consumption rose by 10.6% (123.1 GWh), led by EMT + 18.8% (52.4 GWh), EPB + 14.8% (22.1 GWh), ERO + 17.9% (19.7 GWh), ESE + 10.7% (9.8 GWh) and ETO + 10.8% (9.5 GWh), due to higher temperatures. However, the distribution companies ERO, EPB and EBO also saw consumption rise faster than the average due to the increase of clients, as a result of new connections. Rural consumption rose by 10.1% (31.9 GWh), with the main contributions owing to performances in the concession areas of EMT + 17.3% (20.5 GWh), accounting for 64% of the increase in this sector, driven by the weather and the soybean plantation period and the higher use of mechanical irrigation; ERO + 11.4% (3.2 GWh), also driven by irrigation demand during the soybean plantation period; EPB + 10.1% (3.2 GWh), primarily driven by sugar crops; and ETO + 12.6% (2.3 GWh), propelled by sugar crops and greater production of rice and eggs. The industrial sector recorded growth of 2.3% (14.1 GWh), mainly impacted by the higher volumes of EMS + 5.5% (5.8 GWh), driven by the metallurgy and food sectors; EMT + 3.1% (5.6 GWh), ETO + 16.6% (3.6 GWh) and ERO + 8.7% (3.3 GWh), all driven by the nonmetallic mineral sector, due to the higher demand in the cement industry owing to growth experienced by the civil construction sector; and strong demand from agriculture. The commercial sector, in turn, saw consumption fall by 3.9% (24.3 GWh), owing to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, although the pace of contraction lost momentum for the third consecutive month.

Energisa Group’s captive and free electricity consumption (33,174.3 GWh) rose in the first eleven months of 2020 by 0.5% over the same period last year. If unbilled sales are included, the growth was 0.3% in the same period.

Captive and free energy consumption in the period months was strong in Midwest region, increasing by 3.3% (282.5 GWh) at EMT’s concession and 1.1% (55.8 GWh) at EMS’; followed by North region, with higher sales in the concession areas of ERO + 3.5% (102.3 GWh), ETO + 0.9% (18.9 GWh) and EAC + 1.5% (14.8 GWh).

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