In January 2021 the consolidated captive and free electricity consumption in Energisa Group’s concessions rose by 0.7% over the same month last year. This result was driven by the residential, industrial and rural sectors. Among the distributors, the best performance of consumption occurred in the concessions: EMS (+5,1% 24,5 GWh), ESS (+1,6% 6,4 GWh), ETO (+3,1% 5,8 GWh) e EAC (+5,3% 4,7 GWh).

Residencial consumption rose by 2.1% (24.8 GWh) with strong growth in the concession areas of EMS +6.3% (11.5 GWh), EAC +15.7% (6.5 GWh), EPB +1.9% (3.2 GWh), ESS +1.4% (1.9 GWh), ETO +2.2% (1.8 GWh) and EMG +2.0% (1.0 GWh), primarily due to the weather. Note that EAC also benefited from growth in its consumer base and higher energy recovery levels. Industrial growth rose by 3.7%, beating the average rate of growth for January (+2.0%), driven by the performance in the concessions of EMS (+11.9% or 12.2 GWh), primarily benefited by the nonmetallic minerals industry in line with the positive performance of sectors producing inputs for the civil construction and food sectors; ESS (+3.7 or 4.2 GWh) driven by the paper and pulp sector; ETO (+18.2 or 3.8 GWh) and EMT (+1.7 or 2.6 GWh) both propelled by the cement industry; and EMG (+3.8% or 1.2 GWh), primarily thanks to the mining sector. The rural sector recorded growth of 4.7% in the period (13.4 GWh), driven by results in the concession areas of EPB +7.8% (2.4 GWh), due to higher sugar exports; EMS +4.8% (2.3 GWh) and EMT +2.2% (2.2 GWh), both impacted by cotton, corn and soybean crops; ETO +10.9% (2.1 GWh), benefiting from poultry and egg production; and ESE +10.8% (1.5 GWh) influenced by the irrigation demand from small producers. The commercial sector in turn experienced a downturn in consumption of 6.9% (41.4 GWh). In addition to the calendar effect, this class is still been hit hard by pandemic restrictions. With the exception of EAC, which maintained the previous year’s consumption, all of the Group’s distribution companies saw consumption diminish in this sector.

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