Consumption in March 2021: consolidated free and captive electricity consumption (3,132.8 GWh) growth in Energisa Group’s concessions was 0.7% in April compared with the same month last year. If unbilled sales are included, the volume in the month was 3,172.8 GWh, compared with the same month last year. This performance was mainly driven by contributions from the industrial, residential and rural sectors which accounted for 69.5% of the Group’s total energy sales in the month. Contributed to this result: the billing schedule, the hot wheather in some regions, especially in the Southeast, and the good performance of some industrial activities.

Residencial consumption was the main growth driver (+3.8% 45 GWh) propelled primarily by the performance of the concession areas operated by ESS + 10.7% (14.0 GWh), EMT + 5.0% (13.7 GWh), EPB + 4.8% (8.1 GWh), EMG +10.9 (5.0 GWh) and ERO + 1.8% (2.0 GWh), chiefly due to the weather and calendar effects. Industrial consumption rose by 4.1% (25.3 GWh), led by EMS +12.3% (13.6 GWh) accounting for 37% of the growth, fueled by the metal and nonmetallic minerals sectors, in line with higher cement sales in the Midwest (+37.9%) and a buoyant agricultural sector, primarily animal protein, in tandem with rising exports from Brazil; followed by EMG +22.9% (7.1 GWh) propelled by a recovery in the mining sector; ESS +5.9% (6.8 GWh), driven by car part manufacturing; EPB +4.0 (2.4 GWh), due to nonmetallic minerals activities; and EBO +20.8% (2,3 GWh) driven by the footwear industry. Rural consumption also rose (+2.9% or 8.4 GWh) across 8 of our 11 DisCos, thanks to drier weather and bumper yields of certain crops. EMT (+8.3% or 8.6 GWh) led the field, accounting for 57% of the increase due to soybean and corn production and the calendar effect (0.7 days longer). ESE recorded its highest growth since 2008 (+30.4% or 3.5 GWh), driven by companies using irrigation, due to the scarce rainfall (lowest in 4 years).

Consumption in the 1st quarter of 2021: Energisa Group’s captive and free electricity consumption (9,179.3 GWh) dropped slightly in the first quarter of 2021 (1Q21) by 0.8% over the same period last year. Note that energy consumption in most of the first quarter last year was not impacted by the pandemic. Furthermore, in early 2021 multiple cities began introducing restrictions on account of the spiraling COVID infections. The commercial sector was the main responsible for this result, contracting by 8.8% (162.8 GWh), as was the government sector (-18.8%), with activities hit harder by pandemic restrictions. In turn, the industrial sector recorded the highest growth (2.3% 41.1 GWh), followed by the residential sector (1.1% and 38.8 GWh) and rural sector (2.6% 22.9 GWh).

Energy consumption by concession in the free and captive market was strong in the concessions of EMG, rising by 4.7% (18.0 GWh), ESS 1.5% (17.3 GWh), EMT 0.3% (8.0 GWh), ENF 4.1% (3.3 GWh), EBO 0.6% (1.0 GWh) and ETO 0.2% (0.9 GWh).

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