Consolidated free and captive electricity consumption (2,991.8 GWh) in Energisa Group’s concessions continued rising in February 2019, up by 6.1% over the same month last year. If uninvoiced sales are included, the volume in the month was 2,941.5 GWh, growth of 7.6% in the same period.

This performance was driven by consumption in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, which account for 78.2% of Energisa’s consolidated sales. Residential consumption was driven by the results in the concession areas of EMS (+15.0%), EMT and Ceron (+7.6%) and ETO (+6.1%), due to the hot weather. As regards industrial consumption, four of the Group’s eleven distribution companies recorded growth in excess of 10.0%, with a strong performance by EMS (+18.8%, driven by the food and nonmetallic mineral segments), ETO (+12.4%, driven by the food segment), EMG (+12.7%, driven by the food, textile and timber segments, which jointly account for 63.0% of the distribution company’s consumption in the sector).

Driven by consistently warmer weather, Energisa Group’s captive and free electricity consumption (6,038.9 GWh) rose slightly in the first two months of 2019, by 6.5% over the same period last year. If uninvoiced sales are included the volume rises to 5,985.5 GWh, an increase of 7.8% over the same two months the previous year.

Captive and free energy consumption in the two months was strong in Midwest Brazil, increasing by 11.9% in EMS’s concession and 7.7% in EMT’s. ETO’s concession experienced growth of 8.1% and ESS’ 11.2%.

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