Energisa continues to invest in building a multi-platform ecosystem of energy solutions. As part of the strategy, the Group has been expanding its presence in the transmission segment and, on June 30th, won a lot at an auction held by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). Lot 4, located in Tocantins, was acquired for R$ 4,094,777 in annual revenue and this is Energisa’s sixth transmission lot acquired since 2017.

The lot includes the expansion of the Gurupi substation, which also has new facilities under construction by Energisa Tocantins Transmissora. In addition, there will be full operational synergy, as Energisa Soluções has an Operation and Maintenance structure to service the substation. The scope of lot 4 also includes the implementation of transformation units and a new yard that will connect to Energisa Tocantins Distribuidora, bringing more safety and reliability to the electrical system in the region.