Energisa Group, which began operating in the transmission segment last year, has achieved another landmark in this segment: we prevailed at the auction held by the National Electricity Regulatory Agency – Aneel, on June 28 (lot 19) in Pará, with annual permitted revenue – RPA of R$ 33.5 million. The lot consists of two Transmission Lines: Serra Pelada – Sossego Integrator and Sossego – Xinguara II Integrator and two substations: Serra Pelada – Pátio Novo and Sossego – Pátio Novo Integrator. The transmission facilities will bolster grid coverage in Pará state and will connect to lot 26 – which Energisa secured at an auction last year, also bolstering electric coverage in the North and Midwest regions, providing even more constructive, operational and maintenance synergy between the ventures. As a result of Thursday’ auction, Energisa holds three transmission concessions, with a length of 571 Km and annual permit revenue – RAP of R$ 120 million.