The distribution companies Energisa Minas Gerais, Nova Friburgo and Borborema are the best in Brazil in the category of companies with up to 500 thousand customers. The Energisa Group companies prevailed in the National category of the Abradee awards, delivered on Thursday (19), in Brasília. Energisa Borborema, which operates in Paraíba, also prevailed in the category Operational Management. Amongst the concession operators with more than 500 thousand consumers, Energisa Paraíba was recognized in the categories North-east region and Economic and Financial Management, with Energisa Mato Grosso prevailing in the North / Midwest Region.

The awards are given annually by the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors to the best companies in the sector. For the classification in the ranking, Abradee evaluates matters related to customer satisfaction, operational management, quality and responsibility of the companies. Each company competed in at least one category, totaling 21 nominations. Of the 15 categories, the Group’s distribution companies appeared in 11.

To reach the award winners, Abradee interviewed consumers between March and April this year. five quality issues were surveyed: energy supply; consumer information and communications; electricity bills; customer services and distribution company image. Each area comprises a set of attributes and generates the Perceived Quality Satisfaction Index (ISQP), the main metric used in the awards.

The Abradee Awards have been awarded since 1999 and elects the best distribution companies in the categories: National and regional awards, management quality, customer evaluation, operational and economic-financial management, best performance improvement and corporate social responsibility. The satisfaction survey is one of the factors taken into account by the awards.