The daring determination demonstrated by Energisa Group management each day has continued to yield dividends. The Group has recently received further recognition for business excellence in our industry, ranking in Exame magazine’s Biggest & Best list, published in August.
More than three thousand companies were assessed, among them the largest private groups in Brazil, to rank the one thousand biggest and best at a national level, as well as the one hundred largest in the North and Northeast, Midwest and South of Brazil. The primary criterion was revenue as reported in financial statements. In all, twenty industries are covered by the list, including our own electric-utility industry.

200 Largest Groups:
45th Energisa S/A

100 Largest Groups – Publicly Traded
47th Energisa S/A
81st Rede Energia Participações

At a national level, eight Energisa Group companies are ranked as follows:
168th – Energisa Mato Grosso
318th – Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul
413th – Energisa Paraíba
506th – Energisa Tocantins
546th – Energisa Sergipe
553rd – Energisa Sul-Sudeste
750th – Energisa Comercializadora
806th – Energisa Minas Gerais

And regionally, four subsidiaries made the top 100 list:
North & Northeast:
50th – Energisa Paraíba
72nd – Energisa Sergipe

Midwest & South
8th – Energisa Mato Grosso
19th – Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul