The award has brought us closer to becoming Brazil’s leading group for safety

Energisa’s dedication and commitment to Occupational Safety earned us four Eloy Chaves medals for the two-year period 2017-2018. The announcement was made by the Brazilian Association of Electric Utility Companies (ABCE) last Friday, November 8th. Energisa Minas Gerais and Energisa Mato Grosso won Gold and Energisa Nova Friburgo and Energisa Sergipe earned Bronze.

Safety is among our core Values at Energisa, and our culture of accident prevention has placed the Group on the right path. This is the foremost award in the electric utility industry for occupational safety. It recognizes Energisa’s substantial efforts and investments toward protecting the safety and integrity of our employees and our communities.

The Eloy Chaves Medal program was created in 1980 and has since annually presented awards to electric utility companies in recognition of their safety performance. It is currently the only, and the foremost, safety award in the electric utility industry.

With support from the COGE Foundation, candidate companies’ statistical indicators are evaluated based on the Eloy Chaves Medal Program Rules, the safety framework established by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), and best practices published by the Brazilian electric utility regulator, ANEEL.

The award ceremony is scheduled for November 29th during the 10th National Conference on Occupational Health & Safety in the Electric Utility Industry, at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in São Paulo.

See below how each of our distribution companies ranked in each category:

MEDAL Distribution companies with up to 500 employees Distribution companies with 501 to 2000 employees Distribution companies with more than 2000 employees
Gold EMG (2017) EMT (2017)
Bronze ENF (2018) ESE (2017)