Energisa Day, an annual gathering to share achievements, realizations and strategic goals with investors, took place this year in two stages: A team of more than seventy investors met on September 03 in Rio de Janeiro and 26 of them then traveled to Porto Velho to visit Ceron, the distribution company acquired in Rondônia at the end of 2018.

The Rio meeting took place at the Novotel hotel in Botafogo. Here the group watched a lecture by CEO Ricardo Botelho, who spoke about the current challenges facing the sector and how Energisa Group has worked to keep up with digital transformation and cater for the new more demanding profile of consumers. A series of lectures was then given by other executives and the meeting ended with participants being split into three chat rooms where they could ask questions and present queries.

During the visit to Rondônia, on September 04, the group took place in an informal chat with Ceron CEO, André Theobald, technical and commercial officer, Fabrício Sampaio Medeiros, administrative officer, Antônio Negreiros, and Eletroacre CEO, José Adriano Mendes, about the main changes rolled out at the recently acquired companies Eletroacre and Ceron, such as the administrative restructuring, operating investments and growth prospects. The visitors also saw Ceron’s administrative offices, a customer service agency, the Alphavilhe and Centro substations, the warehouse and works regularizing makeshift connections and combating energy losses in the districts Porto Cristo and Renascer, in the East zone of Porto Velho.