In 2019 Energisa has once again made the ranking compiled by Institutional investor magazine, which assesses candidates for best CEO, CFO, IR Professional, IR Team, IR Program, Sustainability Metrics and Meeting with Latin American Investors. This year Energisa topped the overall ranking of 38 companies. Last year it came 3rd and in 2017 it came 4th.

Energisa excelled and was ranked in six categories in the segment Electric & Other Utilities, which embraces companies operating in the electricity, sanitation and gas sectors. In corporate awards, Energisa is ranked in the top three for “Best Investor Relations Team”, “Best Meeting Investors”, “Best Investor Relations Program” and “Best Website”. In individual awards, CEO Ricardo Botelho is ranked amongst the best CEOs according to buy-side analysts – agents who buy and invest in securities, asset and other financial investments – and in the overall ranking; and the Investor Relations Officer and CFO, Maurício Botelho, was listed amongst the top three CFOs. The company’s Investor Relations Manager, Mariana da Silva Rocha, was ranked as second best IR Professional.

The results are determined by votes cast by portfolio managers and buy-side and sell-side analysts. The Best Investor Relations Program is determined based on criteria including: access to senior executives, well-informed IR team, opportune and appropriate reporting, fast and complete replies to requests, constructive teleconferences and useful information about sustainability.