Consolidated captive and free electricity consumption (3,280.8 GWh) rose by 5.4% over the same month last year. This result was influenced by the residential group, where the weather and restrictions imposed were the chief factors; industrial sector, which has recovered faster than expected; and the rural sector, driven by domestic and overseas demand for agricultural produce.

Residential consumption in the month rose by 12.5% (147.0 GWh), recording the sharpest rise for December in the last 15 years (+12.7%, in Dec/2005). The concessions with the highest increases were EMT 14.0% (39.3 GWh), ERO 18.8% (20.8 GWh), ESS 12.6% (16.9 GWh), EMS 9.0% (16.2 GWh), ETO 16.1% (14.3 GWh) and EPB 9.0% (14.3 GWh), driven by the weather and the calendar fact. The industrial sector grew for the seventh consecutive month, registering an increase of 7.0% (41.1 GWh), the highest rate in the year. 9 of our 11 distribution companies enjoyed growth, especially the discos: EMS +13.7% (14.0 GWh), which recorded the highest rate for the month of the past 18 years (23.1%, in Dec/2002), driven by the nonmetallic minerals and food sectors; EMT +7.2% (11.5 GWh), driven by the performance of the food and nonmetallic minerals industries; and EMG +16.6% (5.0 GWh), which presented the highest rate for December since 2010 driven by the furniture and textile sectors. The rural sector recorded the highest increase for the month since 2011, propelled by dry weather and success of certain crops, especially in EMT’s concession +21.0% (21.6 GWh), where the main contribution to the growth of the sector was primarily influenced by the low-level of rainfall coupled with the soybean harvesting period; ERO +19.0% (5.2 GWh), also impacted by the soy crop and the weather; ETO +17.7% (3.2 GWh) benefited by the production of sugar, rice and eggs; and ESS +12.3% (3.2 GWh) driven by the production of citrus fruit.

Total electricity consumption (captive and free) in the concession areas of Energisa Group’s discos was 9,877.5 GWh in the fourth quarter of 2020, an increase of 5.2% (485.8 GWh) over the same period last year. The best performances in the quarter amongst the sectors were: residential (+12.3% or 428.7 GWh), which presented the highest rate for the quarter since 2005, growing at all discos, primarily because of the warmer weather; rural (+14.4% or 133.9 GWh), which recorded the greatest growth for the 4th quarter since 2007, mainly thanks to soybean, corn, coffee, sugar, egg and citrus fruit production; and industrial (+5.0% or 92.0 GWh), which grew thanks to demand for civil construction products and the food sector. Consumption in 2020: despite the pandemic, total energy consumption in Energisa Group’s concession areas closed 2020 up by 0.9% (335.8 GWh).

The warmer drier weather in the last quarter and the good performance of industry due to the boom being experienced by the construction sector, strong demand for food and the process of replacing inventory across multiple sectors played a decisive role in this performance.

The year saw especially strong aggregate consumption in the following concession areas: EMT (+3.7% or 340.9 GWh), ERO (+3.8% or 122.4 GWh), EMS (+1.4% or 81.2 GWh), ETO (+1.5 or 35.1 GWh), EAC (+2.0 or 21.8 GWh) and EBO (+0.9% or 6.2 GWh).

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