In the fourth quarter of 2018 total electricity consumption (captive, free and uninvoiced) in Energisa Group concession areas was 9,184.9 GWh in the fourth quarter of 2018 (4Q18), an increase of 4.1% (359.5 GWh) over the same period last year. Performance in the quarter primarily reflects higher energy consumption in the industrial sector (+4.1%, or 72.6 GWh), and especially in the concession areas of ETO (+10.4% or 8.1 GWh, driven by the nonmetallic minerals segment), EMT (+6.2% or 28.6 GWh, driven by the food segment), EMS (+12.4% or 32.1 GWh, driven by the timber and nonmetallic minerals segment) and ESS (+5.8% or 16.9 GWh, driven by the food sector).

Total energy consumption in Energisa Group concession areas closed 2018 with an increase of 3.1% (1,044.9 GWh), with growth across all consumption sectors, especially industrial and rural, which saw consumption rise by 4.5% (315.5 GWh) and 5.0% (160.8 GWh), respectively. In the rural sector, EMT’s concession area, which accounts for around 37% of the total volume for this sector, primarily accounted for this sector’s positive performance in the year, reflecting a bumper soybean harvest and expanding cotton production.

In December 2018 Energisa Group’s 11 distribution companies’ consolidated aggregate electricity consumption (3,021.3 GWh) rose by 3.0% (88.3 GWh) over the same month last year. Captive sales rose by 2.0% (47.7 GWh) and free sales by 5.9% (25.5 GWh).

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