In December 2019, consolidated captive and free electricity consumption (3,111.9 GWh) grew 6.6% year-on-year. If uninvoiced sales are included, the volume changes to 3,113.6 GWh, an increase of 3.2% in the same period. Performance in the period primarily reflects higher temperatures and lower rainfall in most concession areas.

Residential consumption expanded by 10.8% (114.3 GWh) in the month, driven by weather and climate effects; the concessions with the largest increases were EMT 14.9 (36.5 GWh), EMS 9.2 (15.1 GWh), EPB 9.8% (14.2 GWh), ERO 13.5% (13.2 GWh) and ETO 16.4% (12.5 GWh). Commercial consumption rose by 5.9% (34.6 GWh), with especially strong growth in EMT 6.9% (10.4 GWh), ERO 10.1% (5.6 GWh), EPB 6.5% (4.5 GWh), ETO 12.1% (4.0 GWh), EMS 3.1% (3.1 GWh) and ESE 5.8% (3.0 GWh). Lower rainfall in several concession areas compared with the previous period drove consumption growth of 9.1% (24.5 GWh) in the rural sector. The industrial sector saw marginal consumption improvement of 0.2% on the back of the food and nonmetal mineral industries.

Total electricity consumption (captive, free and uninvoiced) in Energisa Group concession areas was 9,487.5 GWh in the fourth quarter of 2019 (4Q19), an increase of 3.3% (305.8 GWh) over the same period last year. Performance in the quarter primarily reflects higher electricity consumption in the residential (+6.7% or 219.4 GWh) and commercial (+4.2% or 75.7 GWh) sectors—both helped by higher than historical average temperatures—and in the rural sector (+8.5% or 73.1 GWh), where low rainfall led to an increased demand for irrigation, especially for soy crops.

Total electricity consumption in Energisa Group concession areas closed 2019 with an increase of 4.2% (1,442.1 GWh), with growth across virtually all consumption sectors, especially residential and commercial, which saw consumption rise by 6.4% (801.5 GWh) and 4.7% (321.7 GWh), respectively. The Midwest accounted for 41.5% of total electricity consumption in the year, followed by the Northeast at 22.4%, the North at 18.7% and the South/Southeast at 17.4%.

The year saw especially strong aggregate consumption in the following concession areas: EMT (+6.8% or 589.9 GWh), EMS (+6.3% or 338.8 GWh), ESS (+4.7% or 200.0 GWh), EPB (+2.7 or 115.9 GWh), ETO (+4.3 or 100.7 GWh), ERO (+3.0% or 94.0 GWh) and EAC (+4.3 or 44.9 GWh).

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