Total energy consumption, including unbilled sales, rose by 2.7% in the third quarter.

Consolidated free and captive electricity consumption (3,143.5 GWh) in Energisa Group’s concessions rose by 1.3%. If unbilled sales are taken into account, the growth in the month was 0.9%. COVID-19 continues to affect Brazil. Although the number of cases continues to rise, the virus is losing momentum.  The ongoing easing of restrictions on commerce and the falling number of cases in various regions have boosted economic indicators.

Residential consumption rose by 6.7% (74.7 GWh), with all concessions registering growth, led by ERO + 12.7% (15.3 GWh), EPB + 10.3% (13.9 GWh), ESE + 9.9% (8.2 GWh), EMS + 5.0% (8.0 GWh), ESS + 6.1% (7.4 GWh) and EAC + 14.1% (6.4 GWh), influenced primarily by warmer, drier weather, with record breaking temperatures in certain regions. Rural consumption rose 12.0% (39.1 GWh), driven by the concessions: EMT + 10.0% (14.1 GWh) and EMS +10.5 (5.0 GWh), both driven by soybean and corn production; ERO +16.7% (5.1 GWh), influenced by soybean and milk production; EMG + 27.7% (4.3 GWh), performance driven by coffee production. Industrial consumption rose 5.1% (31.3 GWh), with the concessions in Brazil’s Midwest leading the pack in this sector once again, EMS grew 17.1% (17.1 GWh) and EMT grew 6.2% (11.7 GWh), driven by the mineral production and food sectors; followed by ETO + 8.6% (2.4 GWh), also propelled by the food industry; and ERO + 5.7 (2.2 GWh), due to the resumption of local industries, especially the consumer goods sector. Moreover, commercial consumption dropped 8.1% (48.9 GWh), with the main reductions occurring in the Midwest and Northeast regions.

Captive and free electricity consumption in Energisa Group’s concession areas rose by 0.6% in the period to 8,935.7 GWh. If unbilled sales are included, the growth was 2.7% in the same period. The performance in the quarter was chiefly due to higher energy consumption by the residential (+5.9%; 185.7 GWh), rural (+9.7%; 92.7 GWh) and industrial (+4.1; 75.0 GWh) sectors. Commercial consumption contracted 11.4%, still feeling the effects of the pandemic. Captive plus free energy consumption in the period rose significantly at the distribution companies: EMS (+3.7%), EMT (+0.7%), EMG (+4.7%), ERO (+2.0%) and EBO (+1.4%).

Energisa Group’s captive and free electricity consumption (26,577.1 GWh) fell in the first nine months of 2020 by 0.6% over the same period last year. Energy sales are still being suppressed by pandemic restrictions. YTD residential consumption rose by +5.2% (507.7 GWh), followed by the rural sector +7.6% (195.6 GWh), contrasting with the commercial sector (-9.7%), others (-6.4%) and industrial sector (-1.9%) which shrank in the period.

Captive plus free energy consumption in the period rose significantly at the distribution companies: EMT (123.2 GWh, +1.8%), EMS (46.9 GWh, +1.1%), ERO (42.9 GWh, +1.8%) and EAC (2.7 GWh, +0.3%).

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