Energisa Group’s 11 distribution companies’ consolidated captive and free electricity consumption (3,047.6 GWh) rose by 7.0% in January 2019 over the same month last year, the best performance since 2013. Captive sales rose by 6.9% and free sales by 7.7%. If uninvoiced sales are included, the volume changes to 3,044.4 GWh, an increase of 7.9% in the same period.

All sectors saw consumption rise, especially residential (+10.9% or 115.7 GWh), the main contributor in the month, driven by sweltering weather in virtually all regions of Energisa Group’s concession area. The rural and commercial sectors also recorded good consumption growth, with increases of 10.1% (25.4 GWh) and 6.6% (37.6 GWh) respectively. Unlike consumption growth in other concession areas of Energisa Group, ESE and EBO’s electricity sales dropped by 1.2% (-3.2 GWh) and 2.4% (-1.4 GWh), partly due to the downturn experienced by the textile and oil production and refinement activities.

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